Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello everybody... The swell drop a little bit, but the waves are clean and the offshore stay perfect all day, this sound amazing and is true. Just check the waves in the afternoon.

I was checking the waves all day and the morning was a little messy and the waves doesn't looks good, but everything exchange during the high tide in the afternoon. Two peaks were working good with tubes.

This is the peak with small waves, but looks like the tubes is open. This surfer was bending his knee to made sure come out of this nugget.

A few surfer were getting a tube in the left. I don't see any big wave in the sets, but the waves are coming constantly.

This right was the best wave in this time of the tide. The line up is a little clean now because the low season is almost coming. But the waves still coming.

The lip of the wave is thin, so have a wipeout is nothing. It's time to try and try to get a tube, if you fall don't hurt, so is such a good day to try be in one of this shack.

The line is really clean, this happen usually after a swell. I see like the swell, just lose a little bit of power, but is most constantly today, so we never lose.

The last two week we have a clean water making the waves looks nice, like a green room. The dive and the fishing is good plus good waves. If you are a water man this is the time to be busy in the ocean.

There are two good rights for every good left. The average size of the waves were shoulder high the biggest wave.

What!!!!!. How many tubes do you count in the surf report?. Well, the afternoon is the call if you want to surf.

For sure there are chance to made cuts not just tubes. We think the high tide will be softer, but we never know exactly.

I have four years checking this wave every day and I learn one thing about this beach. With all the swell coming for diferent direction and period, you can't say the low or the high tide is the best. It's good when the sand bank and the size of the wave mix perfect and that can happen in two hours during the day.

Ok. Mis amigos. The swell is droping, so the waves will be smaller. Take out you longboard or a funboard and be ready just to crossing the waves. Armando Lopez is out.