Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 19, 2015

Welcome chicos to the NSR surf report with Parker! We are glad to see you survived and made it to the weekend. Unfortunately, the waves are still on the smaller size. However, they were very fun! Check it out.

On the sets, the waves were about shoulder high. Otherwise, they stayed around waist to stomach. Regardless of the size, the water was a gorgeous blue today!

The playful size allowed Lesther to fine tune his airs. Like his barrel riding, he will soon be mastering airs (even in the offshore wind)!

There were a few tubes today; however, you had to work for it! You had to squeeze twice as hard to ensure your body was dragging in the water.

There were numerous playful waves later in the morning. This guy took advantage and blew the lip off the wave. Yeww!!

American kids are just like the local Nicaraguans: when you aren't in school, you're surfing!

The summer season is wrapping up so we will start fishing a lot more. Seems like Jeffrey is already getting in the mindset...

And others are jumping out of the water. Well, more like launching out if we are talking about Lesther.

As many of you know, Oscar is a local shredder. Additionally, he (and Lesther) are well composed and humble despite the attention. Currently, he is trying to fundraise his trip to the ISA Junior World Championship in San Diego. As Americans, we are very blessed with opportunities to travel and see different cultures. This is an awesome way to make a difference in somebody's life: https://www.gofundme.com/pb4eytw4 (he's almost there so he only needs a tiny bit more!!!)

The conditions today are perfect for a foamie or a funboard. These boards have extra volume for smaller waves but are super fast. It's just a thought for us bigger guys or those of you who are loving our meal plans...

Or, step up to a longboard. We have plenty of solid boards in our quiver (like the Robert August Billy Talhurst or Takayama Noserider) that would be super fun in the next few days! If you don't want to come use them, that's ok because I'll take 'em out myself.

We have learned a few things at NSR: 1. You came to here to surf all day. 2. The lady who faithfully joined you may or may not love to surf 24/7. 3. We have plenty of fun activities for the two of y'all (horseback tours, rural community tours, or massage packages). 4. Happy wife = happy life (thanks for the lesson Dad!).

It's the most wonderful time of the year... the Kearsons are back in town! That means tasty cooking, good vibes, and the occassional Rihanna song.

Peter was gobbling up waves left and right today. I think he was a bit jealous to see his daughter charging Teahupoo...

Kevin and his wife Mindie came down from Sherman Oaks with Peter. It's always good to see the same smiling faces come back year after year!

I think the morning session was tough for Kevin to make because Andi kept him in the pool playing Marco Polo until 2am last night...

But no sleep didn't affect Andi's surfing! He is surfing years beyond his age.

Ok guys, get out there and enjoy your weekend! I appreciate you checking out our report despite all the football going on. Adios amigos!!