Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hello there!!!!. Thanks to be tuned with the surf report. We spend a good weekend in the surf contest. The waves were awesome like Nicaragua. The tide was perfect to the finals. Check it out.

Nicaragua have such a good waves and for sure need to have good surfers. In the last few contest we are watching better surf skill and maneuvers.

All the beach have good peaks. We were using just one of them because there are so many waves. Even the free surfers have space to surf all day.

We have the participation of all the surfers from the all Pacific coast. Here is a represent from Chinandega getting a nice tube.

The right was good to make maneuvers and there are a bunch of tubes, but the surfer were taking more the left.

The beach have so many action in the final. The best surfer were representing his beach. We have best from San juan Del Sur, Chinandega and the Nica Northshore in the last heat.

The final was super tight, the four surfer were giving a good spectacle of surf. All the tribune was supporting his competidor and screaming celebrating the good tricks. Was awesome just be part of this surf party.


Jackson Obando is always shown to the surfers how is a powerful cuts. We have respect to this man no just to represent Nicaragua in the international event, we like his surf style.

Rex Calderon comeback to participate in the surf contest again. We were missing one of the best competitor for a while. The surf contest is not the same without him. He made the show alive.

The waves were breaking so perfect. We have a good competition the last two contest in this beach. The comunity was able to see the new and the old surfers together making of this sport bigger than ever.

Our team NSR have one of the best in the nation in the finals. We are so proud of Oscar Espinosa for all the effort he made in this contest. He is a good ambassador of the brand. Just check the nose of the board with the red stiker.

Rex Calderon is one of the master in the airs in Nica Land. He put this crazy air in a bumps. If he landing this air we know he can be the champion.

Oliver Solis was impressing to the new and young generation. This is the only surfer we have from the very first generation of Nicaragua, he see the surf born and he keep in the water, making to the young surfer say.... Miren a ese viejito, le pega duro a la ola = ( Check this old man, he still hitting hard the waves.) and they laugh a lot.

And the contest finish... All the team were a champions. Here is how fun was the final. I see all the groups carry to his friends and bring to the beach like a king of the waves. The good vivre was floating in the air.


In the junior category down the eighteen years old was to Leon to the Alexander Fino dynasty. Those surfers travel all the way to here and always take home a trophy.

The longboard category still dominate to San Juan Del Sur surfers. This is the category with less participants in our country. We even not have a boogie boarder in the list.

The down fourteen category was one of the best. Here are the new champions from Astillero surf club. This kids are making a such a good work in his comunity and they are a lot of kids pushing the surf in this area.

Here are the new faces in the podium. Here is the down sixteen years old category. The surfboard brands are part of the podium in the last surf contest. L2, Alvares and Parole surfboard are part of the crew.

Katie was taking advantage the fact of the Resano girls are out the country representing to Nicaragua in the ISA junior world championship and now she was the first.

And yes buddy!!!!!! El Chele Jackson is the number one in this country, Oscar is second from the team!!!!...Oscar made a tube with a hit, but Jackson put a sick air infront the judges to be first in the open category. Well, was a nice event!!!!... Have fun and see you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.