Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hola amigos,  Armando El Codo Lopez was in charge today and he did his best to show you some of the action we had out there.  Chest to shoulder high waves on the bigger sets, variable winds and nice water.  Check it out!


Lefts and rights were rolling in and everyone out there was having a blast.  Gustavo Lamas dropping into a sweet peeler.

We had a few rippers doing their thing all day long.  How about this pelon with a cool backside snap!

The lineup was not busy at all so we had some nice ones coming in by themselves.  What a shame, uh!

The water is still pretty clear, as you can see in this shot.  El Codo Lopez did very well with the camera today, didn't he?

We also had some fun waves in front of the river mouth.  Who wants some of these?  We are still hoping to get some fun swell for this season, so if you are close to here it might be worth it to stop by and get some with no crowds.  We can set you up! 

The waves should be about the same for the next few days, so make it out and get some if you can.  Unknown rider giving some work to his fins!

Make sure to check us out tomorrow, please.  You all take care!