Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hi and welcome to your Tuesday surf report, this is the NSR family with a quick update.  The waves were fun today running in the shoulder high range, winds were light onshore and the water was great.  Check it out!!!

The rights were definitely dominating out there.  Here is caught this guy on a solid size one.

The lineup was super tranquilo, and everybody out there was having a blast.  Cool slashy by this kid!

The guys at the NSR Beach House are having the best time ever, down here.  Here is caught one of them pig doggin' a nice peeler.

Oscar was the only local guy out and he was shredding up as always.  Going big on his backside.

A few fun little lefts rolled in and this guy was in the right spot to catch some of the bettter ones.  Looking fun, isn't it?

The lineup wasn't busy at all, so there were some nice little cakes with no eaters. What a shame!

Everyone out there was scoring lots of fun ones.  Check out this unknown rider staying at Casa Colorados, working on his backside.

We had some nice little barrel sections to pull in as well.  Way to go amigo!

Keneth with the catch of the day.  It is time for dinner fellas.  Please check back tomorrow.