Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 17, 2010

What's up folks?  These are the brothers Ezpinoza throwing some shots in for the friday surf report.  Today we went to the beach in the morning, trying to take advantage on the conditions.  The waves were kinda desorganized but there were some sweet ones in beteewn.  It was over head on sets with light offshore winds.  Check it out!!!

We do not know where everybody is right now, but we have to say that you are missing the waves.  The lineup was almost empty and the guys that were on the beach decided just to watch the waves rolling in.

There were only two guys in the water when we got to the beach but they were not catching many waves because the currents were so strong and it was hard to find a good spot.  This guy picked up a nice looking right.

These little kids were definitely having a blast on the body boards.  Hey mommy, we want to get this shot to hand it on our wall!!!

Always the best waves with no takers.  Hey Panchito, your left was going off today.  Check out this one barreling all thhe way in!!!

Later on these 3 guys showed out to the beach, they paddled out but they couldn't find a good one  but they got a few of the bigger sets on the head.  Sorry guys, maybe tomorrow!

The last shot of the day goes to this unknown rider, about to go down the stairs.  What a beautiful wave, uh.  Tomorrow we are expecting to have Taco with some pics from up north so stay tuned with us.

Hey Lucha, Pancho here reporting from the Hurricane Swell in FL.  We are still waiting for the swell to show up and you are right, the waves are better in Nicaragua.  We did manage to catch a couple of small waves but it was nothing to write home about.  However, I was also able to catch this little guy - a baby Bonnet-Head Shark!  Not too scary at this size but you know it's mother is out there somewhere...