Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, September 17, 2012

Hola amigos, we've got the NSR famiy here with your Monday surf report.  Today we made it super early to the beach trying to beat the onshore, but the winds were already on it, at least we made it early enough to skip the huge rain this morning.  Quite a few guys were on it and they did their best to have fun.  Check it!

We had about 4 guys out, 2 locals and 2 american guys had the whole lineup to themselves.  Check out this one attacking a nice little section in the inside.

The locals were doing their things, as always.  Lester busting out on a nice closed out section.

We had some decent rights every once in a while.  Here we caught this surfer nabbing a nice looking wave.

Meanwhile the local kids kept flying all over the place.  Oscar going big with a double grab air.  These guys know how is done, uh!

This guy was really on it today.  It looks like he know how is done on these kinda of waves.  Welcome down pal!

We are hoping to have better conditions tomorrow, so stay tuned with us.  Peace!