Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 16, 2017

Hello everybody and happy weekend! Welcome to the Saturday surf report with Parker. The waves are still fun so check out the shots!

If you’ve been in the area, you know how fun this beach breaks have been!! Irma gave us onshore winds but as soon as they cleaned up, the it turned on.

Fun groundswell plus a windswell to provide crossed up waves… say no more!!! Right now, the wind swell is gone so we are enjoying the leftovers of that SSW swell. Still, pretty fun!

Tubos tubos y mas tubos. The sand is in pretty good shape so the waves were reeling down the bar.

Without that wind swell, some sections were slightly tougher to make (a touch stretched). But wave still barreled hard and spittttt!

A lot of good waves came through (some more after the camera was put away too… we can’t show it off too much!). Only the seasoned Colorado veterans were making the best barrels.

Seasoned veterans like Josh Springfield. If there is a right and tube, say no more. He’s out there pushing the limits and nabbing some of the best waves coming through.

Which do you prefer? A decent barrel (you know, a nice view, a little pump through, and even a little shampoo job) or a solid off the top turn?

Hmm tough decision… Unless it’s a perfect turn (with a photographer), I’ll take a tubito any day.

This unknown ripper surfs well so he got the best of both worlds! Keep scrolling down.

There’s the view, we just need to see the pump to make it down the fast line!! Good stuff this morning amigo.

How about that right?! I knew I had to finish up my photos quickly so I could slip out for a prebreakie seshie.

North peak, south peak, central peak… all spots had a couple waves coming through! With a max of 10 guys in the water, everybody got their waves. But, that’s what happens this time of year: roll the dice. If you don’t catch the conditions perfectly, scroll back to the reports a few days ago (plan on catching up on your Netflix). If you time it well, scroll back to the reports the past couple of days! Whatever you decide, check out our rentals and know that our staff can guide you in the right direction.

And if the surf starts deteriorating by 1 o’clock, Pili’s tiki bar is open and serving up frosty Tonas and delicious tropical drinks.

Tomorrow night is a big night in the local area. Jasco’s new restaurant will be having their soft opening this Sunday evening! His new seafood restaurant is located outside of the main Iguana gate in the Riveria Plaza. You can expect world class ceviche, sushi, sashimi, poke, and other amazing seafood platters. Jasco, we support you 100% bro and we’re even more stoked to enjoy your incredible food. But before you go, catch a sunset session and get barreled!

Otherwise, we are all hanging out here and taking it easy to celebrate Nicaragua’s Independence Day [weekend]. We have a lot of folks from Managua visiting so handfuls of waves have slipped through untouched.

What else is going on this weekend? Mag Rock tonight for a big party and probably a mini fiesta at the Beach Club for sunset (lots of people chillin out, enjoying some drinks, and the epic sunset views).

So go surf, relax in a hammock, lounge on the beach, or see who plays volleyball later. Whatever you decide, it’s a gorgeous sunny weekend with a light breeze so you can’t go wrong. Thank you all for checking out today’s shots and have a good rest of your weekend! Cheers amigos!