Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 16, 2016

Hello fellas!!!!. The weeken is coming and we have a surf contest in Jiqueliste beach. the waves will be ok. But nothing amazing. We have a lot of rain the last few days, so the offhosre wind stay light. Check today action.

We were surfing down the rain. Some waves have tubes, not to many people have the lucky to find one tube, but this surfer was in one small.

Oliver Solis was here visiting and ripping. Tomorrow we will have the master category and oliver is one of the oldest surfer in this country.

We no have any wave in the morning during the low tide, but here is the best time of the day. The hide tide have soft waves but really playful.

The biggest waves were good from the take off, but were closing close to the beach. The water still super clear and warm.

This is how looks the right from the take off. This wave was working during the last two hours of the high tide.

There are two peaks working. This peak just break a few meters beside the main peak and have the both ways working.

Oliver get one nice tube in the left of the small peak. There are sometime a wave with better size and shape. To this time the waves were breaking on the very short break really close to the beach in the second sand bank.

If you see a wave like this one is better to made turns. When the swell is small and the high tide normally is better for turns.

Like this man here!!!, he was follow the wave until the beach and in this part the wave get more stronger, so was good for a strong turn.

Here there are another good turn, but I think the surfer don't make a good calculation and he was in trouble. That wall catch to him.

And her is DJ Zargamony in his air version. The waves not were amazing, but there are a lot of waves and different kind of place for tricks.

The surfers were testing they turns skill. There are a lot of failet tricks, but they lucks fun.

People were checking the waves all morning and some of them probably come back home thinking the waves conditions will be bad all day. But this is how this beach work, you never know when will be a window of good waves.

Ok. Amigos. We will have a new swell coming this weeken. Is good for our contest. NSR will cover and sponsored to the local team, so be tuned to see the best surfer from Nicaragua making some sick tricks. Armando Lopez is out.