Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hey everyone! Brian, back again, bringing the report for this Sunday afternoon. The swell definitely dropped off from yesterday, but there was a little window this morning where some grinders were coming through. Mainly chest to shoulder high and light offshore winds and a little inconsistent, but if you could find that one wave, you would be stoked! Check it out!

The tide was super low when I got down to the beach this morning and the right's were grinding like a machine. There was a boat with a few guys and Lester sharing the waves. I found a spot to get a little up close and personal to get these guys grinding in the machine. Lester, doing his thing!

Found Brody, out in the water, boosting! Somebody had their Wheaties this morning!

People were getting grinding barrels all over the beach this morning! "Smiley", getting low!

Seemed like every time I turned around there was a sick right firing down the beach...and no one on this one!

Lester...up close and personal, streamlining through the barrel!

Brody and Lester were trading off barrels, right after right. Welcome to the "Lester and Brody Show"!

I think I should've surfed instead of shooting, because it was going off! Lester...need I say more?

Not too many lefts came through today, but this was one of the few gems. Perfection and no one on it! That's it for today folks, might be a little bump in the swell tomorrow, so keep you fingers crossed. Adios amigos!