Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We don't know who this is, but it's a cool shot.

We think this is Salong too, but can't really confirm. Thanks for the watershots Clint! We've got some good waves on tap for later this week, so check back.

We head out at north today to check how the swell is building and find out what spot is the best to surf with this kind of swell. So we checked out different spots and we found this pirate boat doing the same thing. LOOKING FOR A NEW SPOT. It's over head on sets and the wind finally is offshore.

We checked out others spots and we found this sick right with nobody out. This guy is from New York and he was killing it with bottom turns like this one.

These two guys were out trying to find a new spot too. They told me they found a really good wave but they didn't tell me where it is.

After a while asking to them about what they found they took me out and this is what they found. Is it that good all time? That was my next question.

Looking and looking... we checked some others places and Jantana was out charging on a set wave.

Do you remenber the sick right I was talking about it? You can get some shacks too.

The swell is still building, so check back with us.