Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, August 12, 2011

What's up folks?  It is Lucha Libre here reporting from up north.  Yes friends, I drove up north today to see what the new swell has for us.  When I first got to the beach I found Pancho and Pledge checking out this spot but it wasn't what we were expecting.  Over head sets were rolling in but pretty desorganized and the winds were a little weird too.  Check it out!!! 

El Monito Solis was a little disapointed as well, so he took his boards back to his hostel.  Check out his face and figure what he was thinking!

I waited it and at the end it was worth it.  Some nice sets started to roll in and as always we were there to prove it.

The inner reef also got on fire by the end of the day.  Check out this uknown folk chilling on this nice sized right hander.

Pancho Sanchez was trying to take advantage for a while on some of the better sets.  Here he is going straight up on his 7'2.  He's taking that board out tomorrow to get some bumps for sure, that's why he was testing it out today.

The outer reef start giving us some action and Juancito was out there owning the place.  Here he is setting up for the barrel section.

There were some serius wipe outs in the lineup.  To start the show we have Mani dancing a tango on this one.

Roberth got probably the sickest one.  Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

There were also some nasty ones inside the reef.  Take a deep breath pal!!!

We want to give an special shout out to our very good friend Mateo Guieno "The Pledge".  He was our first intern and he's down here shredding some nice ones.

The swell was filling in this afternoon, you can see it on this shot.  Who wants to get some of this?

This was the only chick we had out there in the inside reef.  We have to say that she was charging.

We have Manuel on the last action shot of the day.  Digging a huge bottom turn on the flats!

Yes friend, it is time for a big ice cold tona.  Salute!!!

This just in, the number 59 got caught today by the Surfari Charters crew.  They are hunting for the number 100 this season, so stay tuned with us.  VA PUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

They also scored a huge Dorado.  Kinda hard to guess what's the weight on that baby!