Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Hello friends. This is Alex, the new intern at NSR and apprentice to the legendary Lucha Libre. The decreasing trend in swell has continued today with surf in the waist to chest high zone with the select few shoulder high standouts. Partially cloudy skies and light offshore winds provided some small clean corners. Check it out...

This guy seems to be making the most of the small surf. It's no barrel, but what a sweet cutback!

No matter what size, this wave is always grinding off the shallow sand bottom. Check out this surfer who found a little barrel.

Check out this shredder taking the top off a nice left. The small swell has been welcoming to all level surfers, come and play in the warm water!

This break will always keep you on your toes. Anyone want a closeout barrel with that priceless view?

Check out this clean open face, thank you light offshore breeze! Unknown rider getting ready to attack this one.

Awww to be a dog and have the luxurious liberty of peeing freely.

This ripper came flying down the line and exploded the lip. I'll bet you like that warm water amigo, nice turn!

Chyeeeahhh! It is hard to get tired of mind surfing these beautiful waves.

Alright NSR fans, that's all for today. We are expecting similar conditions for the next few days, but be sure to check back because there are always some fun ones in Nicaragua. Cheers!