Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 05, 2013

Hola amigos, we woke up to some overcast skies and light offshore winds. The swell dropped a bit, but there were still some fun ones to be had! Check it out...

This unknown rider found a sweet barrel. He is in the money spot right now, way to go!

The waves offered some killer ramps. Check out this ripper blasting the fins out.

The lefts were pumping as well. This surfer made a sweet hack at the open face!

The swell has backed off, but there were still plenty of small rippable shoulders. Check out this hombre on a floater.

The lineup got busy later in the morning, but there were still some nice ones coming through with no takers.

As you can see, the sun did not make an appearance this morning. However, the winds were cooperating and with the nice warm water, it was easy to motivate and grab some sick barrels.

Oscar, one of the local kids here, made it out this morning and found his rewards. Check out this cool air on a closeout section!

There was some rain this morning, but that did not stop Ryan from finding some sick corners. Nice crack at the lip!

Another fun ramp to launch off. This guy is making the most of his stay in Nicaragua with sweet airs like that!

All right that is all for today. This is Alex with NSR, be sure to check back tomorrow.