Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi everybody, this is Roberto Lucha Libre again with the surf report from out here up north.  Today I drove up to take some killer photos of a friend from Florida hoping to have some fun and sick waves.  It’s over head on sets, with off shore wind and super clear water.  Check out what we got.

This is our friend “ Patrick Kavanagh" from Florida posing to immortalize this moment for ever.  Actually this guy went to school with Pancho Sanchez and flew down here to spend his vacation in one of the best places in the world for surfing.

Here we have our friend “Patrick Kavanagh" hand dragging on a nice left and setting up for the barrel section.  He is one of the many guys that couldn’t believe that we have waves like this down here.

One last photo of “Patrick Kavanagh”, this time going right and grabbing the rail.  This guy had many good and fun waves that he’s thinking about to make another photo section with us tomorrow.

There were plenty waves this morning with nobody on them.  This is one of the best that came through and nobody was in the right spot to catch it.  What a shame!!!

Here I caught an unknown rider going big with a sweet late drop into this nice right.  Probably he might want to get this shot, so if anybody knows who he is let him know about it.

The surf wasn’t that big today but it looks like the swell is starting to show up finally.  Check out this guy still thinking about what to do on suck a beautiful wave.  The swell is supposed to pick up tomorrow so we hope you guys stay tuned with us.