Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 17, 2006

Another full day of driving though Mexico, a near tragic error in fuel calculations and we arrive at a left hand point break - somewhere north of Mazatlan. I don't really know how we found this place, we just started driving down dirt roads. When we finally reached the beach, they were breaking down the tents from the Mexican National Surf Contest (I guess this isn't a secret spot). Anyway, it was blown out, but there is obviously potential. We contemplated leaving, but the locals recommended we stay to see it in the morning.

Locals usually know best, so we set up camp. After two full driving days, Hot Carl was tired, but we were both glad we'd get to surf in the morning.

We're back in Nicaragua, so I head out to Maderas and It's fun but the weather wasn't pretty good for photography. It's head high on sets and the wind is OFFSHORE.

Here is LA BALOY, he told me these words. NOTHING BETTER THAM SURF THE NICA'S WAVES.

Here is a dangerous shot.

Coki getting barreled.

Check back tomorrow.