Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 16, 2022

Wow what a day for surf so far! The tide was getting low around 9:30am when I showed up it still had a couple of hours or so to drop out but the waves were so consistent it was everything you could hope for. Come check it out..

It was lefts and rights and about 20 people out, as more people came to check it out they would look for a minute and then head out because it was so good.

Mystery Barrel Surfer!

Carlos the barrel riding machine stalling for this one, and you can see by Rick standing there that there isn't much water on the sand there

Is that another mystery barrel surfer! Yeah and I can tell you that sometimes these photos don't tell the whole story because sometimes the peeps don't make it out but 90% of these shots were makes

It's days like today out front that everybody hopes to get when they come here, good waves and warm water with light crowds.. can't ask for much more than that

Like a machine, like a wave pool, Playa Colorado the Emerald Coast wave machine

Of course Colorado will still demand you pay your tax from time to time, Kai paying his dues today for the thousands of waves he enjoys here

Josh having his pig dog moments this morning and finding his exit most of the time, how about this ganrly sand filled tube sucking up in just a couple feet of water.. wowzers

Okay ya'll that's all for Saturday's surf report, I hope you have a chance to get out there and surf something. Or at least enjoy the beach or take a little stroll down the beach on a horse, whatever it is that suits your fancy but just get outside and enjoy this beautiful day in paradise. Cheers :)