Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 15, 2022

It's swell day and it's all Gravy baby.. Ben Gravy approves, in reality the waves are not everything we expected and more today with the crazy storm that hit us last night it gave the ocean a bit of morning sickness today. There was a window but it was short, if you were there you scored.. check it out..

The wind was kinda cross on shore and there was a major rip in the middle of everything but there were still some gems to be had in the madness, Ben pulling in on this one..

It looked like it was gonna stretch out a bit and I wasn't sure but I kept it clicking..

It didn't disappoint as Ben came flying out with the spit on this one.. wave of the morning that I saw

A few empty chuggers came rolling through too poor wave all lonely with nobody taking her for a ride

The new swell has a lot more SW in it and with that these rights are just going off when they came through

The occasional left was coming through too, here goes Josh on this one

Gotta paddle hard and duckdive quick to get out the way when someone is flying down the line in your direction

Another beautiful empty wave just peeling away whether you're there or not it's gonna do it's thing

Today's forecast was calling for big XL waves and although there were some to be had the storm kinda affected things in a not so favorable way, I'd guess it might clean up a bit later as the tide fills in more and the weather returns to normal.

Tomorrow should be pretty good as we will still have plenty of swell and if that was just a one night stand of a storm then it'll be a bit cleaner too. Thanks for rolling by and checking us out!! We'll be back tomorrow with some more highlights and happenings from the hood. If you are here make sure to check out the Farmer's Market at the Community palapa near the driving range, if you're not sure where that is you can ask a security guard and they'll help direct you there. There are a bunch of local artisans and crafters along with home-chefs and all kinds of goodies to check out! Adios amigos