Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 16, 2020

Hello all and welcome to another wonderful day in Nicaragua full of sunshine and good vibes. It is a small wave long board kinda day.

It's funny though because in a lot of places around the world this would not be considered to be a small wave. Here this is considered a smaller wave kinda day.

Rick is always in the water, today he took a paddle down to Gigante on his new SUP, this is him coming back from the journey.. I think he got tired of standing towards the end.

57 years in a row this champion of life has been surfing on his B-Day, this is Buzz as I'm sure you know if you check the report regularly as he is def a regular in our report.

Buzz getting out in the water this morning and keeping that streak alive.

Happy Birthday Buzz!!! Keep charging!

John is another regular on the report, sometimes he has already surfed and is back home having breakfast before anyone else shows up for the surf. Dawn Patrol chargers for the win!

Suns out it's another beautiful day and it's all smiles around.

John on another peeling beauty of a wave. Yeah buddy!!!

Terra taking a nice long walk on the beach, what a wonderful life here in Nicaragua.

Stay tuned there may be some Massage tutorial content coming soon from Terra and the video marketing master Tony in the near future.

The waves were looking pretty good all morning and Lucas paddled out toward the end of my shooting window, I pulled the camera back out of the bag to catch a few of him catching a few.

Very happy I decided to shoot a few because the 2nd or 3rd wave he caught was this macker nugget that came in, perhaps the best wave of the morning.. funny how even on the smaller days we can get some random mackers coming through. What a day, what a life, what a place. Okay folks, see you Saturday. Tune in tomorrow for the master Brian's report.