Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hey there, this is Pancho checking in from San Carlos, Mexico. After a not so early start, we crossed the border in Naco (east of Nogales) with no problems and drove most of the day to this Cabo-esque desert beach town. No surf here so we spent the night and got out the next morning...

Here we are, this is our last day in CR, so we decided to take a last session and we head out to a place called THE TREE. We have fun and I gabbed some killers shot, It's overhead on sets and the wind is light onshore. Check it out.

Today I gonna post a shot from each surfo who was representing our country. This is Zamir EL PELUCHE Duarte.

Luis LA BALOY Chamorro.

Roque BALBOA Calderon.

Augusto NICARAGUA Chamorro.

I don't have a nickname for this chick but maybe I'll have it in the future.

Waylan EL SHAGGY Dangla, he was one of the Nica juniors.

Willian EL CANIVAL Mena.

Darwin EL CABUCHO Jacamo. Another junior.

Rex THE JOUNG Calderon.

Mario EL DA

Ashley LA CENICIENTA Blaylock.

Willian EL JUEZ Gazo.

Gustavo EL MOPE Noguera.

Also I grabbed a shot from Ricardo EL TERRIBLE Morales.

Melkis EL ZANATE Sanchez.


The lastone is Jhon JUANITO Sakcz. Thanks to all of them NICARAGUA is on the second place in Central America. Hopefully we'll be in Nicaragua tonight, check back tomorrow.