Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 16, 2005

We had a wierd mix of ground and wind swell in the water today. There were light winds in the morning and they turned onshore in the afternoon. Sets were running overhead and the Cowboy jumped right in.

Here is the Cowboy picking off a nice set wave.

How about a nice "in the pocket" snap for the Cowboy, who hasn't been surfing much lately due to a heavy workload.

We met this guy in the water (sorry, we forgot your name). He was visiting all the way from Maui and had been checking the waves on NSR prior to his trip. How about that internet?

And one last shot of the Cowboy - check out the perspective on this one (nice work Roberto!)

One the way back through Rivas, I got my first ever ticket in Nicaragua. I have been stopped 4 times, but each time I have been able to bribe my way out of it. I pulled out all the stops on this guy before submitting to my first infraction. So here's to you Armondo, the only honest cop I've met in Nicaragua.