Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 11, 2020

Hey all, when I got up this morning it was raining a bit and I thought oh I hope it clears up so I can get some good shots, about an hour later the clouds went away and it has been gorgeous out. Okay let's take a peek at what the waves looked like today!

Buzz is always one of the first guys out in the morning.

Along with Buzz you can usually find John as one of the early risers around here scoring before anybody else shows up.

Jackson with some serious water spray, showing off his sponsers there with the aggresive turn.

Yeah boys!! The future of Playa Colorado ready to get out and shred some surf.

Lindsey with the backside cutback.

John doing some barrel hunting!

Doan out there hitting airs and hunting some barrels as well.

Nacho not gonna miss out on a chance to score some barrels as well. It was about this time I started thinking I'm skipping lunch and going surfing instead lol

Ruth saw the waves from home and knew it was a good time to get out in the water.

Paddle out and drop in! Ruth had a wave magnet in her pocket today scoring consistently.

Look at the way that wave is just peeling away. Such a beautiful sight.

When you're here in this part of Nica it's easy to surf everyday, the conditions are amazing, the water is warm, and there seems to always be waves.

Danny scoring some fun ones this morning. Yeah dude!

Kevin is a standout surfer from the area, look at the power in that snap.

Air Time! Kevin harnessing his inner Jordy going for that rodeo flip.

Doan getting some air time too with the FS boost.

Last but not least let's take a look at this sequence from Jackson's Nosepick Reverse.

Approaching the lip with a lot of speed.

Tail blows out off the lip.

Nosepicking like a 4 year old looking for gold.

So much power and skill to pull off these maneuvers, will he complete it.

Looks good, now just to ride it out backwards and straighten out.

Getting swallowed up by the whitewater..

Emerging like a boss! Was there ever a doubt? Nah

Sick session this morning hermano! Killin' it out there!

One more air for good measure. Okay everybody as always it is a pleasure to shoot these waves and give you a glimpse into what life is like down here. If you'd like to explore the options of living here check this link or if you just wanna visit and see if heaven on earth is real you can check here. Until next time.