Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 09, 2022

Welcome back to another installment of our daily surf report coming at you everyday from the emerald Coast of Nicaragua this beautiful stretch of coastline on the Pacific. We had an amazing morning of waves and safe to say if you got out there anytime this morning you'll be stoked the rest of the day. If you weren't one of those lucky few check it out here..

Mystery Barrel Surfer

Jackson on his new bright pink board absolutely on fire and surfing better then ever

Finley going with the handbrake arm stall on this clean left

This morning was much more consistent then yesterday with a lot more waves coming in the sets and less waiting overall

How do you say shmack a the lip

Plenty of barrels today and lots of waves overall, mostly the lefts is what I remember but looking through the photos there were plenty of rights as well

Ructi going out to fill her daliy fix of warm water waves, as someone who was talking to me said as she walked by "dude that girl charges, she drops in on some bombs".. yes dude that girl does charge, she shreds those big bombs!

Ructiel's sister learning how to charge from her sis and also from her bf Kai one of the most talented surfers here around these parts

Big maneuvers and fat sprays flying off the tail of this thing

*Community update* Today we had our very first Farmers Market at the community palapa which is located near the driving range between hole 2 and 3 and it was a wild success. It's still happening as I write this but lots of vendors and lots of people coming to scope it out. Super fun!

Rick had his Cowabunga Beef Jerky and smoked meats stand set up and ready to feed the people.. delicious

Su with some salsas and Halia skin health oil, yeee

Josee with her art and fares

Nica Heart beat and the Beach Patrol were representing and doing free blood pressure screenings and teaching the kids a bit about CPR

Here's Cher Matt and casey with some yummy salsa and chips and what not

Of course you can't have a farmers market here in Iguana without some Surf related goodies

Ines making some custom mandala necklaces and bracelets Yeeew

Dan the man with a huge assortment of baked goods and sweets.. you know where I spent most of my time haha

Claudia with some jewelry and boardshorts for sale.. don't pay attention to Layla there with the crazy face hahaha

Caught ya eating hahaa Megan and Yossia here discussing how to keep the community safe. Love you gals and the whole team working to keep us healthy and happy

Derek jamming the tunes for the people and thanks for the reminder to swing down and get some shots, ya'll killed it with this first Farmers Market

Okay ya'll that's it, time to walk off into the sunset.. or just down the beach.. but wait.. last surf shot..

Jackson on a macker of a wave riding that pinky through the green room. Cheers ya'll thank you for coming and checking us out! Hasta Luego