Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The waves got a tad smaller today but there were still some overhead waves rolling in.  The winds were nice offshore and the water was nice all day long but the sky a little cloudy.  Check it out!!!

Lots of sick gems all over the place.  Chris about to get shacked!

The lineup was dominated by rights but we had some sweet lefts rolling in every once in awhile.  Yeah boysssssssssssssssss!

Gray made it over our way and he got slotted a couple times.  It was nice to see you back in the water Gris!

Zacatecas Hyland was out shredding up some sick sections.  That's a man fan spray!

Mr Hyland wasn't the only one ripping out there.  Abe from Florida was also doing his thing out there.

Lots of runners out there.  This guy got a sick sequence on this one.  Too many shots to post, but we can send you some proofs if you want buddy!

One last shot from this spot.  PC showing still some size!

We made it over a nice left point break about noon with a couple friends from Brazil.  They were super stoked to get some fun ones out there. Mr Barba ripping hard.

Marcelo was ripping hard on his backside as well.  Killer spray on his backhand, isn't it?

Waltercito on the last shot of the day.  Please check back tomorrow!