Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 09, 2011

Hey there everybody!  This is Eric bringing you the surf report for this Saturday.  The waves are going off!  Head high with plus sizes on good sets.  The wind has been great all day and if you could deal with the crowd, then you're bound to get shacked!  We headed out to the beach this afternoon to capture some of the action. Check it!

First shot of the day goes to this young kid from Cali...  Ripping a big frontside lipslide on this little right!

Another Californian, floating a big section on his backhand.  Getting ready to freefall.

We want to throw up a quick sequence of a good friend, also one of the most tubed men in Nicaragua, Mark "Mr. Brown"!  Check it out!

Shot 2.

Shot 3.

Shot 4.  Where'd he go?

Shot 5. 

Shot 6.  I think I see him.

Shot 7.

Shot 8.  Clean and dry exit.  Nice wave Mr. Brown!

Trying to change up the flow of the river these guys were digging away!  Last time this was done there was a surfable wave that popped up.

Lester always seems to find his own peak out at this break..  Here he is all alone and about to get tubed!  Probably for the 50th time today!

For sale!  Se vende!  Sick Genesis with only 2,600 Km.  This bike has been great, I'm going back to the states soon and am ready to sell her though.  You can contact me at 8660-6602 or at [email protected] for more info and/or photos of the moto.

Back to the waves..  This man pulled into a nice backside drainer!  I've got the whole sequence, email in or stop by the shop if you'd like to check it out my man!

Lindsey paddled out and fought her way through the crowd to catch a few good ones.  Here she is bottom turning into this nice righthander.

Check out the spray coming off this turn!  Sick frontside snap on a clean left!

Here's a sweet A-Frame for you all to mind surf... Which way would you go?  That's it for today everyone.  We'll be back tomorrow with another update straight from the beach.  Thanks for checking out NSR's surf report, take it easy for now!