Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hi and thanks for joining us for the Thursday surf report.  This is Roberto Lucha Libre Garcia bringing you all the action from one of our favorite spots down here in Nicaragua.  The waves were really disorganized today and the wind was choppy but we still scored a couple of decent ones.  It was running well over head on sets and the water was nice and warm.  Check it out!!!

There were a few guys destroying the waves apart.  Check out this Jessie Hines from the east coast with a nice fan on this little nugget.

Our very own Pancho Sanchez was able to paddle out today and caught a few fun ones.  Here he is getting shacked, showing Chewy how to work on his backside style.

Here we have a killer shot of JJ with an amazing stand up barrel.  He usually only gets stand up barrel at outer reef but today he was doing the best to fit into the small ones we had out here.

Hey man! Great drop!

This guy was trying to take off on waves that looked like dreadlocks! Here he is about to feel the rasta vibe, or maybe just sand everywhere!

Here's Will Tant with a backside midnight lip bash .  These guys were shredding all over the place.

Mr Brown just got into town a few days ago and he found the things or maybe I should say the waves were he left them.  Check out this killer sequence I got of him today.  Shot 1.

Shot 2, setting up!!!

Shot 3, waiting for some shade!!!

Shot 4, getting into the green little room!!!

Shot 5, getting deep!!!

Shot 6, keep going!!!

Shot 7, killing it!!!

Shot 8, pulling out of that thing!!!

Shot 9, clean and safe!!!

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  The swell is dropping a little bit tomorrow it should be pretty fun.  Please check us back out.