Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy fourth of July everyone.  We didn't get the perfect present down here today but we are hoping to get it tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.  We had some onshore winds today but there were still some waves to ride out there.  Check it out!!! 

We want to wish a happy birthday to our friend of friends.  El Codo Lopez being happy on his 30.

Even with the onshore winds there were some decent ones to be taken.  Uknown fella nabbing a nice little nugget.

A few beginners made it out and they took advantage of the gentle conditions we had.  Buena muchacha!

It is always nice to hang out and go surfing with your friends.  Welcome down chicas!

Another unknown fella having fun on a nice one.  There were definitely some fun ones to ride out there.

Augusto Chamorro has been taking some photos lately, gettin' ready to take my job.  Make sure to get some bigger lenses buddy!

We are hoping to see some of this tomorrow and get some mini bombas on saturday.  Stay tuned with us!