Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 20, 2020

Happy International Surfing Day!! Welcome back to the daily surf report from the lush land of Nicaragua. Today's report comes to you from a secret surf spot and if you visit us here and ask the right people you may find yourself surfing here as well. Enjoy!

Nica Gray smacking the lip and spearing 100lb fish, is there any doubt that he's living the good life, I think not.

There were lots of long leg burner waves and plenty of barrels to be had. This guy was visiting and scoring!

Kippa watching Bryan get shacked, what a luxury on an extra long wave to have a Ski assist back to the lineup. Noodle arms.. ain't nobody got time for that.

Gray looking like he has the test answers written on the palm of his hand.

Carl Caliente with the double hand drag super stall skill.

Pancho Sancho getting up early and often ready to score, not to put this shredder on blast but if you see him make sure to wish him a HBD as he's hitting the big 5-0 this coming week.

Wave limbo.. how low can you go? Some like them chunky and slow, others like them tight and fast. Different strokes for different folks, but everybody loves some green room time.

What's happening here? Best caption gets a shout out! Get creative and funny. Send your captions to @surfnsr on Instagram

Mystery Barrel Surfer!

Gray walking on water.

Bryan getting In-N-Out on some double doubles like he is living animal style.

When your buddy is hooting and hollering for you to get off his wave and you happily oblige, look at that smile on Grays face.. classic!

Now that the coast is clear Kippa can check under the hood real quick and see what's powering this bad boy.

What a dreamy wave, wasn't XL or anything like that but just kept on peeling. Drop in get barreled shoot out make a turn or two and if you're lucky bust a quick stall and hit that second barrel before shooting out again and hitting some more carves.

Look at that, the Surf Reporter was able to jump off the boat and get some waves too! Thank you Carl for taking the shot while yours truly jumped into the lineup and got a few.

Saturdays are for the Boyssss!

Look at that gem, what a beautiful sight.

No wetsuit needed, warm water and cold beers.. Welcome to Nicaragua.

What an epic little surf trip! Thanks for bringing me to share in the spoils. And a big thanks to the boys @casalabarra_surfresort for being epic hosts as always. What a time to be locked down in Central America.

How's that for a claim! LOL, alright guys that's it. I have so many photos I could post, I think I got around 3k shots, but I'm pooped and ready to lay down and maybe even sleep in after a couple of 5-6 hour surfing and photography sessions. Then again Surfline is reporting 4-6 ft with offshore winds at Colorados with low tide around 9am so sleeping in might not happen haha. Have a great night and tune in tomorrow to see what goodies the report provides!