Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hello everybody and happy weekend to you! This is Parker bringing you the Saturday surf report. Our offshore winds were still howling so the swell lost a touch more than yesterday. Regardless, it still had a good size and great shape. Check it out amigos!

Kyle has been out tearing it up for the past few days. He found a sick left barrel and tucked in.

To put the cherry on top, he nailed a 180 air after the tube. Nice wave man!

With our strong offshore winds, plenty of other surfers could find a solid tube. This guy was in total pig dog mode and squeezed in the green room.

Andrew and his crew are visiting from Florida. On this wave, he found a nice lip to hit.

During their lunch break, Will was teasing Andrew about his spray. Seems like Will also had a trick in the bag to show off...

Even though the surf was in the shoulder high range, everybody pulled into a tube. Make sure you head out a couples hours before and after low tide's peak to claim your fair share!

Compared to the past few days, we had a couple more lefts coming through today. Our goofy footed riders took advantage of the opportunity.

Lately, Lesther has been working on a sweet air. He hits the lip, grabs the board near his chest, and spins. Knowing his surfing skills, he will be landing it very soon!

Some other local boys were charging during their lunch hour. My amigo here was shooting down the line and nailed the lip. Yeww!

In the northern section, a couple young dudes were practicing their stand ups. By the next time this guy visits, he will be shredding!

Alright guys, remember it is the weekend and that means its time to relax! This guy found some shade, a cool breeze, and nice hammock. Parker is out and you know where to find me!!