Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, June 20, 2019

Hello everybody! This is Parker with the pleasure of showing y’all today’s mid morning epic shots. The waves were fun (and got way better than this) so check it out!

Presurf routine: coffee, chat, check. Hmmm boys what are we seeing out there?

Can I jump right into it? Ok cool. This morning had a window where it turned on!

Hot Karl locked into this gem. Can you even see him in the barrel??

Out of 30 photos, he was so deep that I had to omit most. You couldn’t even see him or his board looking into the wave from down the beach! That’s called skill.

And a little cherry on top!

This is one of our preferred directions (though all directions have their perks). With a low tide and draining barrels, there were a lot of happy surfers this morning.

While we are talking about the swell, can we just forgive and forget everything we’ve seen online? Swells showing up late, swells not really showing up, what else? The best advice I tell clients is to spend time at the beach club keeping an eye on it. You truly never know when that window of opportunity will be…

Not all surfers were below/behind the lip today. I saw this mustache hombre get a few today and a sick one last night.

Let’s park here on this photo for a minute. Do you notice the sand? Well, people have been saying due to the rivers flowing, there is a lot out there right now. I guess there is always a lot of sand in the sandbar but look how shallow it is close in, then it gets deep, then it gets shallow at the real sandbar. Just a heads up for your fin boxes or ejecting in shallow water :)

Dad and son hung out on the southern peak. Despite the thundering rights coming through, some fun lefts squeaked through! Yes, he made this.

Like father like son! I can’t image there is much more rewarding than trading waves off with your kid.

Shall we go back to the northern pumping peak?!

Michael made the quick strike from Costa to here. One quick flight from Liberia to Costa Esmeralda, then a 10 minute drive, and then you’re in the water 10 minutes later. You’re about to see him the reap the fruits of his trip.

Him, Eric, and Jim are posted up in Casablanca but I think Mike will stay posted up in this tube.

With a smile ear to ear, he showed the Brazalian crew how it’s done.

If you see this red helmet swimming and shooting photos, you know it’s good out there. Rick Briggs making his way into the line up so you should too.

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Nice turn jefe but there is a lot of open real estate left on that wave your next turn.

Is it ok if I keep showing off photos from this morning? I hope so haha.

Man, so fun to watch, shoot, or surf that peak! I wonder how the incoming tide went??

God bless you. Or in Nicaragua, we say “salud" when you sneeze.

Michael snagging a couple good ones this morning.

Getting shacked or blowing the fins out. Good stuff hombre!!

Alright guys and gals, we’re gonna wrap this report up. The swell looks fun for the next couple of days and then apparently another groundswell fills in early next week. Fingers crossed for more good stuff! Y’all have a great rest of the week and we appreciate y’all reading out reports. Hotsticks is out.