Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, June 08, 2015

Hello everybody. The swell and the storm mix today and the result it is a bounch of water with heavy barrels. Check it out.

There are one left and two rights breaking occasionally. The visitors take a day off and are drinking coffee, waiting for tomorrow.

It is a big chance to break a surfboard and a great chance to have a sick barrel. Check this one with not rider.

This wave is made able. It is hard to be in the perfect spot because is too much water moving around.

After to past this section is easy to know if you can go out or not. You need to wait about ten to twenty minutes to have some of this one. But it is a lot of work for get it.

Check the spit in the wave and the glassy of the water. Put attention in the double lip it is growing.


Ok. Amigos the swell is coming down tomorrow so the waves could be really good. Check the report to see more barrels. Armando Lopez is out.