Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hi and welcome to your Sunday fun-day surf report.  This is Lucha Libre Garcia working on my day off to bring you some of the action we had out there.  Shoulder high waves on the bigger sets, winds were nice offshore and the water was great.  Check out the lineup!

Ian was so stoked to get to this spot, the waves looked so fun to him.  Taking a look!

Alex made it out and he instantly scored some nice ones.  Yeahhh buddyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Yeww,,, Ian did had a good time out there.  Taking a look down the line!

And Brucy was ripping all over the place.  Check him out with a cool cutback!

A few chicks were out and they were also taking some sick ones.  Goofy footer!

And regular footer.  They both had a blast in the lineup!

Quite  a few locals jumped out in the water and we dot have to say that they were ripping.  Elvis ringing the bell.  Bangggg!!!!

Amaru going big with a cool floater on this right hander.  Way to go muchacho!

There is always a nice view from up here.  Sick sunsets as well!

Have a good one... Please check back tomorrow!