Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 06, 2010

What’ up folks.  This is the NSR family bringing you all the action for this Sunday surf report.  Today we went to the beach in the morning trying to catch some really fun waves.  The waves were a little fun, running about shoulder to head high on sets with our notorious offshore winds returning and the water was warm.  Check out the lineup!!!

Today we are going to start our daily surf report with this unknown surfer, he was catching a lot of waves out there.  Look at him with this cool bottom turn on this left hander.

As we said before finally we have offshore winds again after 8 or 9 days.  Here we have our very good friend D-lite was ripping all over the place.  Check him out with this cool spray on this little nugget.

We had some serious sets coming in on this morning.  Here we have this guy on his buggy trying to maintain inside of this little barrel session.

On this morning we had a few beginners in the water trying to catch some waves.  This guy was working very hard for to catch some fun waves.  Check out this shot was difficult maintain to stand up.

The lineup was not very crowded today, we only had about 15 or 17 guys surfing including a few locals.  On this shot we have our very own “Pancho Sanchez “he was taking some really fun waves today.  Look at him looking good with this small but fun air on this closed session.

There is always at least one local surfer out every single day.  Today this local guy was in the lineup doing his thing.  Come on dude, you need more speed if you want to make this one!

On the last shot of the day we have this guy dropping in on his big panga on this sweet left hander.  Alright folks this is all for today.  We hope to have some better waves tomorrow.  Please check back with us! 

Great job guys, up here it is looking a little better running just overhead. The wind stayed offshore all day and I was all smiles. Did you see that picture of D-lite? that guy rips! Check it out.

it's that time again for tip of the cap wag of the finger... I'd like to give my tip of the cap to this guy for making this critical drop. I'd also like to give him my wag of the finger for not pulling into the barrel. Come on dude that thing waited for you! haha

This is our buddy Chapin from Gigante about to get throated in this barrel. I wish I surfed like him, and I had a million dollars.

Sorry man... I forget your name, great wave though. Had to put a picture of it up!

This is el jefe Carlos dropping in reallllly late on this right. Carl was super stoked to get some great waves today.

Check out our good buddy Greg L.T.D. (living the dream) He gets out of the water after surfing overhead waves and gets to hang out with his hot trophy wife. haha (just kidding Erin) Thanks for the beer guys!

Oh how am I doing you ask? Not so bad... The surf is supposed to stick around tomorrow so we will be back with a new day same old overhead offshore. Chewy out!

And it seems like our fortunes are turning around on all fronts now - the wind is back offshore, there is good swell and now the fish have started biting.  Surfari Charters sent in this photo of the first sailfish of the year!  Nice work you guys.  Looks like it's ON now!  We are expecting some killer photos this week so check back with us!