Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, June 07, 2010

Hey this is Chewy and Roberto coming at you with the Monday surf report. The waves are running well overhead with near flawless conditions. There were only 5 guys out so we had the place to ourselves for the evening session. Check it out... sorry you couldn't make it.

This is our jefe Carlos Caliente dropping in super late on this beast of a set wave. You have to watch out at this wave because you can break your board on almost every wave. You can bet Carl was checking after this wave (1/2)

Once this wave hit the sandbar it opened up and gave Carlos a room with a view... like literally a room this thing was the size of my bedroom. (2/2)

There were so many good waves coming through that we couldn't catch all of them. Check this one out spitting. ugh

This guy got a bunch of sick waves, but, I had to put this sick wipeout on. haha he starfished through this barrel and came out the other side laughing.

This is John coming down for a good five days. Man you picked a good five days! I hope I charge like you when I'm your age... Damn I wish I charged like you now!

I had my good board locked in the house and only my fish to ride, but she did alright. I got to choose my favorite picture. You know I had to pick the no-hander backside. I am not good enough to do this, but I'm stoked the wave let me!

At first you can't really see what is going on in this picture... This guy tried to shoulder hop this wave and she tried to blow him off his board.

Check him out a couple of shots later, covering his head trying to stay away from this man eater.

Me and Carlos couldn't believe our after work session scored so hard. We were beyond stoked on the hour we had. Sick sunset Sick waves, and nobody in site.

Check this out! We were getting in the car and they were still rolling in! Mateo you are missed down here! haha Everybody check back tomorrow the waves are supposed to stick around. I'm not going anywhere! Chewy out!

We are gearing up for our first surf contest of the summer. It's in Leon and the level of surfing is bound to be insane! buena suerte guys!