Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 05, 2010

What’s up folks?  This is Lucha Libre bringing you the first offshore surf report in the last 7 or 8 days.  Yes friends, we are so stoked because the winds finally got back to normally down here in Nicaragua.  It was running about chest to head high on sets with super light offshore this morning and everybody had a blast out there.  Check it out!!!

First at all we want to throw one last shot of “Dj Bujia” in, on his last day down here.  He was definitely scoring many small but fun little lefts down the beach all day long.  It was nice to have you down here buddy, we’ll be waiting for you on Navidad peloncito.

Let’s take it to the action now.  Our very good friend D-lite was destroying every single wave he got on today.  Check him out giving some serious work to his fins.  That guy still rips, uh!!!

A few of the best local surfers were able to paddle out and they were shredding it up as well.  Here we have this sick shot of “La Baloy” with a killer laidback.  I can believe he pull that off, sickkkkk dude!!!

We want to give a special shout out to Miguel, who really killed it today meanwhile we were at the beach surfing.  Yes, he went fishing to the dock in San Juan del Sur and crushed the fish as you can see.  He got a 15 pounds jack and 35 pounds Robalo with a hand line.  Can you guys believe it? 

Back to the surf we have to say that there were some international surfers ripping all over the place as well.  Check out this unknown surfer going big with a nice floater.

Couple of longboarders had a chance to score some fun ones too.  This is Glenn riding one of the many sick rental boards we have.  Hey man, we have a couple of cool shots of you if want to check them out just shout us an email.

Sometimes Lucha can get artistic.  Don’t you think so Chewy?

Oliver “El Monito” Solis was so excited and showed it to us like he only does, throwing some big fans.  This is one of the reason that we thing he is one of the best Nicaraguan Surfers.

On the last action surf shot of the day we have Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro with a very quick floater.  That shit is not easy to do dude.  I know you are getting ready for the upcoming surf contest next weekend at Leon-Las Penitas.  We wish you all you guys the best of luck!

Alright ladies and gentlemans, that’s all for today please make sure to check us back out tomorrow because the winds are blowing straight offshore now.

Lucha out!!!

This is Chewy from up north doing work! There must be something in the water because everyone was ripping today! The waves were kinda small about chest high and super playful. Check it.

I had some Florida boys hire me to shoot photos and they were killing it in the playful surf. This is johnny 6 toes (because he has six toes) throwing all 11 toes into this.

Friggin' volcom crew was out there trying to break all their boards. I think this guys name is Blake Jones... nobody quote me on that. He looks like he is 20 feet in the air, but, you have to remember he is short. Still a crazy air!

This is one of the Ponce inlet kids popping a sick air! you gotta keep your feet on it man! haha just kidding. Sick job today guys!

Alright guys safe travels back to lake Atlantic... I'll be there too soon. ugh. Chewy out!