Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 05, 2021

Hey guys welcome to the weekend it is another super sunny and beautiful day on the beach. I hope you have your sunscreen and some wax because the waves are fun and the sun is shining and I would dare to say we are in the best spot in the world to enjoy some waves and catch some sun rays.

I know my buddy Nico is happy to be back in the gates of Hacienda Iguana and back in the waves of Playa Colorado, look at him going straight up to smash the lip.

Fin has got to be one of the luckiest kids in the world as his parents sent him down to stay in the summer house with his buddy and enjoy some of the killer action we've been getting as of late. Easy to stay out of trouble when all you wanna do is catch waves with your friends yeeeew yeah dude.

We had a few tubes coming through today but really there were a lot of peelers and corners to work on snaps and cutbacks.

Tony Z is an expert rider and shows it with that backside snap tossing a kiddie pool amount of water off the lip.

Long distance barrel shot.. is it barreling or does it just look like that from far..

Yeah it def is tubing out there here and there just gotta paddle like you want it and pull in like a late night drive thru after a night of binge drinking.

Pay attention to the lineup and try not to drop in on somebody.. as it gets more crowded around these parts it becomes more important to be aware of your surroundings and not drop in on someone. This dude just caught up and pushed the sponger off his wave.

.. and kept it moving like the lone ranger surfer he was this morning patrolling the lineup. Yeah Dude!!

Matt is staying with us and unfortunately this will be his last full day here on the beach with us but he sure has been scoring all the spots and getting some real fun waves.

Frontside backside this side that side Matt can do it all and is laying it down right out in front.

Jackson his son is showing that he is learning from pops and if you can see those feet in the white water next to him lol that is his buddy Peter

Peter had some waves of his own that he was catching out there too. Yeeeee stay stoked bros

When Oscar isn't volunteering his time to lifeguard on our beach here he is out there tearing it up as one of the most talented surfers here.

His brother Lesther also volunteers his time as a lifeguard to protect the swimmers and surfers here and their work is greatly appreciated. It's those guys that you hope you never need but are there just in case.. if you see these guys watching the waves tell them thank you, bring them a snack, hook them up with an old board or a few bucks they are great guys.

Lesther taking some shots between work and surf, you can find these boys by the palapas at the beach club or at the house a couple down from the beach club that is being remodeled. Yeah dudeys!!

Is that Phi Lou.. I can't tell but whomever it is out there is surely throwing it down and surfing good. Yeeew

Somebody have some Aloe Vera gel cream for Liam right here? Koji with a little grin as he shows his good buddy Liam how to eficiently pump and speed down the line. Watch out though because with the amount of time that Liam is putting into his surfing I would not be surprised if Liam is catching up down the line soon and either tandem surfing the wave or like the guy from earlier pushing him up and off the wave lol

One more shot of Matt before he goes off and heads back to the states. It has been a pleasure to hang with you and the family this last week brother.

Okay adios amigos! A couple of my favorite people here checking the waves before paddling out and sharing some waves. Hope ya'll enjoyed the surf report today I'll be back next week.. Until then enjoy the shots and stylings of Brian and Baldo. Peace