Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, June 05, 2016

Hi party people. Here we are with a storm and onshore wind. The waves are small, so no body was in the line up. The people here is doing others activities. Check it out.

My friend Martin is chilling in the bar. The rain is making the air cool, so he is looking who warm up the blood with some of this bottles.

The Pedrique family is here for surf. The waves are not big, so his daughters will be happy with the surf condition. Welcome to Nica Land.

This is how looks the beach after the last night rain. The waves are about two feet high and last night a lot of people was in the party, so the beach is empty.

One of the two river is open, so the water look like chocolate. This is the sand bank in front the river mouth. All this sand need to be in the ocean very soon to create amazing waves.

I found this girl doing Yoga on this line. Check the valance she have. I was trying for a few minutes and this thing is hard.

I see people playing golf. The golf course is so green right now. Just walking around is a good plan and more if you try to beat your friend in the game.

Well my friends, we will keep with the eyes on the waves to see if this conditions exchange. The forecast predicted small waves for a few days and after is a monster swell coming. Be tuned to see what happend. Armando Lopez is out.