Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Hello everybody and happy Humpday to everybody! This is Parker welcoming you to the midweek report. We had a great morning so I suggest you settle into that comfy spot in your chair and click "read more."

Before we get started, we want to wish Brian Scott, our resident photographer, a very happy birthday! We are stoked to have him on our team and continually impressed with the quality of work he puts out. Enjoy your day SBS!!!

So ummm the waves today. Yeah... it's pumping and offshore! What more can you ask for?!

Johnny G patiently waits for those peaky outside lefts. After putting years of hardwork into his contracting business in San Diego, he gets to reap the fruits of his labor every morning.

Well, let's not forget his stellar wife he has and enjoying that fresh sour dough French toast after a session. I guess that's why they're called the golden years. John, I told you it would only take one report with you before mentioning Joan's breakfast...

Ok less food, more surf. The conditions today... good southerly long period groundswell. Definitely some fun tubes but you had to bring your a game to out run the monster.

Step into the ring and see what you got!! Or, surf the long roping reef inside the neighborhood. Each could deal their own respective beating...

Dre told his mommy and daddy that he wants to play with the big boys. Adam said once he stops nipping his leg.

See what I mean? Some long lines so pick you positioning.

But the vision might be worth the commitment!!

Ryan walked out to watching his buddy from Puerto surf on his twin fin so I know Ryan was ready for a few himself!

If you don't make your wave and you realize your board has a boo boo, Ryan Cook will be your bestfriend. As a shaper for years from San Diego, he is the go to man to get your baby back in working order.

Speaking of other go to people in the community, you need to meet Rick Briggs! If you link up with @donde_x, you'll be stoked on his professional level of photography. Keep packing 'em in front of the red helmet!

Today was all about the lefts; however, a few screamer rights ripped through. Patience is a virtue, especially when the that peak is empty.

Buzz usually (always) finds himself a sick right to enjoy. It's crazy watching him, John, and Barry surf this heavy wave on those big boards. Props to y'all!

Tons and tons of packed tubes but it's always fun to see some lip smacking too!!

Do you see that sticker? Especially if the board was rented with NSR... :)

Alright, let's talk about this photo. I'm right on the edge of water shooting this left tube sequence. Kinda sick, huh?

As soon as I stopped shooting and looked to see what's happening, this guy flies out of this right. Come on!!! I know it's been a few months (well, a year) since I've been on photography duties but man I wish I had his whole wave. Sorry guys!!

I guess it takes a minute or a few sessions to get used to the manual focus too, huh? Still a killer shot!!

Or maybe a little mind surfing will make up for it???

As for the after the morning session, the tide bottomed out an hour and some changed after I finished shooting. As soon as it turned, some heavy board breaking lines came through. Nonetheless, a couple brave locals threaded the needle for some mental ones. I'm sure the rest of the tide push was super fun!

Ok damas and caballeros, there is still lots of swell and energy in the water. Get out there and enjoy and don't become too close of friends with that sandbar. We appreciate y'all checking out today's shots and we'll see you tomorrow with some more! Nos vemos.