Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, June 03, 2022

Hey ya'll welcome back to the daily surf report from your best buds here at SurfNSR! We got another morning of onshore winds today but it seemed a bit calmer than yesterday after a monsoon style rain last night. Check it out..

A couple of waves here and there that were pushing through the stormy conditions. Guido on his LadoB fish scoring waves with an empty lineup.

Not the best day to sell stuff on the beach as it was pretty empty but this nice local chica is grinding to make a living.. I can't imagine wearing pants and a sweater in 85 degree temps but the locals here are built different.

A handful of walkers enjoying the beach this morning and the beautiful lush green views all around.

Check it out!! New beach shower being installed right here at the beach entrance by Casa Colorado. Niiice

These rad blue mohawk having birds always making cool unique sounds when they're calling out to eachother.

To the V-Ball players out there look at that, thank you for the workers that make things run around here often times working in the shadows unseen by most.. leveling out the court shoveling sand into the low spots. Yeew Thank you Iguana/ Pili crew

Just hanging and waiting for surfers to appear.. this guy got caught in the rip and some people noticed him waving. If you're at the beach always be aware of what is happening in and around the water. Luckily someone was paying attention and saw this guy.

Looks like Guido got there with his board to give the guy so he could float in on it. Good work guys! We have volunteer lifeguards but they aren't always on duty. Remember if you are a surfer/ strong swimmer you are most likely the first responder in an emergency situation like this.

Thank you to everyone that was part of this rescue! Very possible that someone will be enjoying dinner with their family tonight because of the actions of those who saw and alerted and eventually rescued this fella. Great job! Feels amazing to know we live in a community where people look after each other and don't hesitate to act when the moment comes.

Okay ya'll we are keeping our fingers crossed that the winds turn around and go back to normal for us. Either way we'll be here for you with the daily highlights and the happenings around the hood. Cheers ya'll! Hasta Manana