Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, June 03, 2021

Welcome to another stunning day in the sun and in the surf here in Nicaragua! We have had some serious swell the last few days and what a better time to go visit a little point break special secret spot for the daily surf report! Come check it out it was a super fun day of surf.

Robert is staying with us and enjoying surfing Colorado but it is certainly nice to hit a few more spots on the trip.

Ohhh nooooo! Water drop on the lens! Oh geez I remember this wave and thought oh Matt got close that one will be sick.. water drop! If you have ever shot from the water you understand how frustrating that can be.

John knows this wave very well.. it looked like him and his brother were competing in a heat the way they were catching waves back to back and making them look so nice.

Speaking of his bro here is Josh a super nice dude and very talented surfer.

Back n forth with the bro squad!

It was a super fun day surfing this special little wave and it only takes about a half hour and you're there from our home break..

John has been getting all kinds of waves on this trip sharing the lineup with some of his long time mates and his daughter who scored that opening shot.

Here she is again absolutely charging it dude so sick to see a grom shredder girl going for it with pops cheering on.. reminds me of my sister. Stay psyched dude and keep charging it!

Bobby avoiding the traffic in the lineup this morning, look at how awesome that wave looks too!

Matt with a sick roundhouse cutback flying around on the wave like that pelican flying around the lineup ready to swoop down and scoop some fresh sushi.

When we first pulled up to the spot it just looked like corduroy pants with one line after another of peelers ready for the picking.

I only saw a few of these out there today and John was one of them.

Jackson was out there scoring some waves with his pops as well, so rad.

Peter going for it today too looking to score some waves on the surf trip.

Josh serving up some stirred up drinks over the rocks! This spot looks skechy huh?

Looks like Matt on one of the set waves of the day look at that macker wave peeling toward the beach. This wave will go 300-400 yards for 30 to 50 second rides a leg burner and then a little bit of a paddle

Long distance barrel shot!

John wrapping that board all the way around and showing no fear surfing towards the rocks.

Okay ya'll thank you for coming to check out the surf report today. It was super fun to make this one today as this is one of my favorite waves so I made sure to get me a few and if you come and don't know this secret spot you can ask me and I may just take you there. Have a great night and come check for tomorrow's report from Brian! I'll catch you Saturday once again.. adios amigos.. hasta la proxima.

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