Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 04, 2022

Hello Ya'll welcome back for the Saturday Surf Report! We still have some sloppy conditions due to the hurrican passing through the Gulf of Mexico.. not liking this Agatha much :/ but special treat for today, let's take a trip in the time machine back 1 year to see what we had going on around here.

Now this is the kind of magic that we are used to seeing around these parts. Not long before this is back in full effect.

For the meantime I'll be drooling over shots like this..

What it looks like today versus..

What it looked like this time last year, it's night and day. It's not the standard roll of the dice that we get sloppy conditions in high season but hey that's nature

This was a high tide session and it did not disappoint, people always ask what the best tide is here.. this wave will change from day to day even hour to hour and sometimes the low is best, other times it's at the mid tide, and sometimes it's the high.. you just gotta check it multiple times a day so you can score that best window.

This guy went to paddle out today and I had my hopes up that I would get a couple of good shots.. he had a tough time paddling out.. then he gave up and came in.. doh!

Last year this time was legit though like it is most days around these parts. Well no reason to keep checking on the conditions today as the weather is holding us back and seems to be the case until maybe Wednesday when it looks like we could get some nice waves again. Tune in tomorrow to see if we get lucky.. See you tomorrow ya'll.. Cheers!