Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, May 22, 2015

Hello primos. Thanks for check the surf report. We are so exciting waiting for the new swell, hopefully start arriving tomorrow. Some sets prove the energy of the ocean is increased. The sand bank is a dream ( So perfect ). The waves are small right now and some surfers are looking for have fun in this conditions. Check what they found.

Lester always found a good waves and make look easy all the tricks. Here is doing a air 180* in a wave have only a feet high.

Josh is competing with the fishes. Who spend more time in the water? and his consistency and determination to enjoy surfing and grow up in his surf experience is given result. He is now pulling out of some tubes every day and I now soon he will be a master in this wave.

Yeap!!! Surf is not just big tricks!! is be out with friends enjoying are life in the ocean and celebrate what made us fun. This is why we surf, I think so.

This surfer is the most color full in the line up and for one good reason. He is the ripper in the water this week. When others even can't catch a wave, he get tubes and smash the tiny waves.

He was all over the place finding waves. He popped a floater on one with a good shape.

This surfer have his good time too. He have a longs arms and legs and he looks like 6'2" tall. I don't know how he fit inside this wave.

Ok. Amigos. The wind is going better and better because the raind just start this week and check the forcase for the next days and blow you maind. Everything look greate for the surf in this place. The ISA world open will have a amazing swell and NSR will be cover all the surf contest. So be tuned with the surf report. Armando Lopez is out.