Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre is back with your Wednesday surf report.  Still plenty of swell in the water, glassy conditions early morning but it got quite strong onshore right about 10 am and partly cloudy.  We were still able to get some surf with a couple of friends.  Check it out!!!

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Definitely had some nice sized sets rolling in, as you can see.  Reef rider about to get pitted!

The boys from Costa Rica kept ripping today and they were busting some sick punts, since we had some nice section 'cause the onshore.  Leo Calvo with a sick rotation aerial. 

Josimar Fuentes smacking a nice closed out section in the inside.  Way to go Josie!

This longboarder was charging on his big super panga.  Sick drop fella!

Right before the winds got on it, we had some nice ones coming in.  Unknown pelon picking a nice right hander.

Sequence of the day goes to Diego Cadena from Mexico, make sure to check it out because it's so sick. 

Shot 2 setting up!

Shot 3, about to get deep!

Shot 4, did I say deep?

Shot 5, or deeper?

Shot 6, still going!

And going!!!

Shot 8, and deeper again!

Oh my god!

Is he coming out of that thing?  What do you think?

Oh yeahhhh, the barrel of the day for sure!

Finally saw some daylight!

Safe and clean!

It was nice to see everyone getting waves, even with the conditions we had.  Pale rider with a cool frontside turn!

This chick was the only girl we had in the lineup today and she was ripping.  Dale chica!

How to handdle a Go-Pro Camera in the lineup.  The new set-up, right in your mouth!

The last action shot of the day, had to be somebody getting some shade.  We have the whole sequence of this one pal!

Alright, it is time to chill and reflect.  Please check back tomorrow!