Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hey folks and welcome to your Saturday surf report on NSR.  The swell is ON and the boys were on it.  We're going to have a bunch of photos for you from today, but tell you the truth, it's going to take a while to go through them and put them all up.  Here's a teaser - local charger Manny from Popoyo, who was pulling into these things all day long.  Enjoy and check back soon.

(oh yeah, that's Chewy taking water shots in the foreground so we'll have some of those to share too!)

Hey this is a very tired Chewy with your half your report. I risked life and limb taking water shots while lucha libre (el Gato) took pictures from the boat. I swam from the beach and ended up getting 5 hours in the water! For those of you that have swam around the outer reef currents lately (there is no one else that has done this) You know it is like that wave is trying to eat you, straight sucking you into the impact zone. ugh. But I got some sick shots from a different angle, and made it out alive. Check it.

I want to start things off with my "jefe" Carlos Caliente. He was charging some bombs and ended up buckling his board in three places while he was getting acquainted with the ocean floor out there. Sorry about your board bossman! All in a days work for us at Nicaragua Surf Report.

I don't know who this one is. He is friggin charging though. The good thing about this angle is you can see all the boils from the reef below. There was so much water moving around out there, I was sitting on a boil and eventually noticed where I was and swam like there was a shark in the water to get way from impending doom.

There was a volcom pro from Brazil out there making it look easy and it was a welcome site to see his photographer swim out after him. ( I guess he didn't want to get shown up by me) The photographer had shot teahupoo, pipe and he said this was the most difficult wave he had ever shot! Bring it on Pipe!

Here he is again - You have to take your beatings out here if you want a shot at the glory!  We actually have a sick barrel sequence of this one Marcelo!  Hit us up if you want to check it out.

Full commitment! This guy backdoored this wave and pulled into one of the gnarlyest barrels I have every seen! Holy Cow man this is a wall hanger of a sequence! you get a Chewy Thumbs up Congrats!

JJ Yema was out there. As one of the most experienced guys out there he knows just what to do. Check him out here cool as a cucumber, or some other vegetable you choose.

Not to be outdone Capt. Lance Moss of Safari Charters was out there CHARGING the biggest set waves of the day. Check out this bomb he drops super late into! Crazy especially since your wife and dad were on the boat!

it was like a big game out there. haha just kidding. Here is pancho and manny sharing one. Some of those monsters were so big it took two people to get them under control. Good job guys!

Robert from two brothers was out there catching some bombs! Check him out! He paddled past me and said not bad for an old guy haha. Not bad at all Robert!  We have a killer sequence of this one when you are ready to dish out the cake!

While this may look like only a mere double overhead it is actually Roy he is close to 7 feet tall! huge waves take huge dudes.

Manny and Pancho parted ways after their wave sharing and Manny got his own bomb. This dude straight charges like no one else!

Capt. Lance dropped Pancho off at the doorstep of this one and Pancho never looked back! frothing on a bomb set!  We'd like to throw out a big thank you to Lance and the Surfari crew for this swell.  Not only did they hook up Pancho with a couple of step-offs, they hooked Roberto on the Va Pue to take some of these killer photos.  You guys Rule!

Here's our favorite shot of Capt. Moss - straight CHARGING on this inside bowl.  There's not much else you can do here except pull into the close-out section...and take my word for it - that thing is MEAN!

We don't know this guy, but he was taking off on some good right-handers.  How cool is this shot!  (he man, we have some good shots of you!)

Here's a shot of Pancho navigating the inside bowl section.  Check out the size of that barrel and the full safety stance!  I should point out that Pancho did not take any diggers today.  Good work Pancho!

Lance had some trouble and flipped the ski and the waves were so strong it went straight to shore I got out of the water and snapped this shot of them trying to get it back in working condition. Buena suerte guys!