Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're going to start things off today with the "First Sailfish" of the season.  This beautiful fish was landed by "JZ" who was out with Capt. Lance Moss at Surfari Charters.  Congratulations guys!  It's always a big deal when somebody catches the first sailfish because it means that fishing season is officially open!  Everybody will be getting going out to celebrate tonight!  Thanks again to Erin O'Kon for sending in the killer photo.

If you want to learn more about fishing and surfing with Surfari Charters, click on the photo and go check out their website.  If you have a little time, I highly recommend going through the "Captain's Log".

How about a quick plug for our good friend Tyler Bliss who recently released his first Nicaragua surf movie called "El Centro".  It was shot over the course of 3 years and we have to say we are impressed with the final cut.  Nice work Tyler.  Click the image above to get yours!

What’s happening everyone! This is the NSR family bringing you the Thursday surf report. We took a family trip to the beach. The ladies took out the pangas, but the boys wanted to get into that clear water and check out what was going on down there. The swell has still yet to hit, it was barley waist high. Check out what we came up with our under water adventures!

As we were swimming out to the reef “Guineo” snagged this sick shot of a wave passing over him. Don’t be deceived, the under water view makes the water look angry, but this wave was only knee high. Sick shot though, huh?

Here we got a shot of “Godfather” and “Chewy” enjoying the clear water and trying to spear a some big fish so we can make some fish tacos tonight!

Unfortunately we didn’t spear that many fish today, but we definitely did get a lot of sick under water shots like this one of the bottom. It was so ridiculously clear today, we felt like we were in a pool!

This is an up close shot of the reef. If you look close enough those are urchins burrowed in those holes. Sweet artsy shot “Guineo.”

This was the only fish we got today. “Godfather” eyed it from above and shot it right in the head- Text book! Alright next time lets get some more snapper like the other day.

So, we swam all the way down the beach to the end of this point. “Godfather” thought it would be better if we climbed up onto the rocks and walked back. Well, for the experienced “Godfather” it was a cake walk. “Guineo” and “Chewy” struggled a little with the rock climb falling off these rock a few times. Good experience though….

Last shot of the day was our favorite. The graphic designer, “Chewy” was amping on the texture. Well, we’re out for today. The swell has got to be here tomorrow so check back. We've been hankerin’ for some big waves!!!!