Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, May 22, 2009

The Astillero Contest is ON for this weekend!  Stay tuned for photos and results!

Welcome to the Friday surf report. We headed to the beach and the waves were PUMPING.  We got a bunch of good shots today so if you surfed today, be sure to check out our full galleries on NSR Surf Shots (just click the photo above).  The day started off kind of small and side-shore-ish but then the swell picked up and the wind clocked offshore.  By the afternoon, it was pure butter - light offshores, crystal blue water and only a few guys out.

In our first shot we have our friend from Spain, slipping into this right.  It was tough to make it out of most of these but you could travel for a while.  (Hey buddy, we got a bunch of good shots of you today - click the photo above to see our galleries at NSR Surf Shots)

This guy somehow was getting all the best waves. Here he is with a set wave cranking a hard bottom turn.

This is the same dude later on the wave hacking into this lip. You can definitely see that there was some swell in the water. Check out that set wave rolling in behind him.

This guy here is pulling into one of those almost makable sections. You know he has his fingers crossed wishing he had a motor on that board!

This is "La Panga" Bamford, showing us all how it's done on an overhead wave and a 10' board.  Nobody handles the longboard in critical surf better than Greg.  Rumor has it that shortly before this shot was taken, Greg and crew landed a Black Marlin!  That's Awesome!  Send us the pics man and we'll post 'em up!

This guy was getting some good waves too. Jairo was stoked about this guys surfing and was hoping to get an autograph. When he got out of the water Jairo was too shy to ask….

Not everybody practices good surf etiquette.  The guy in front is clueless that homie is just destroying the lip right behind him (and secretly hoping that he lands on his back!).

Tom Eberly was out in the line-up today.  He doesn't catch a lot of waves anymore, but he makes the most of the ones he gets.  Here's Tom showing the youngsters how to tuberide on the longboard.

Everybody has their own backside style - including rubberman here.

I told you we had a bunch of killer shots from today!  Here's another unknown soldier with a textbook OTL.

It doesn't get any prettier than this!  A perfect little, crystal clear, tropical Nicaraguan tube.  We've got a great sequence of this one.

This guy got a lot of sick waves today and we got tons of shots of him.  This is one of our favorites.

You can't have a good surf day without at least one good wipeout.  Check out this guy going over the falls head first!

A big gaff from a big guy (or maybe a big little guy - we can't really tell)  Either way, this is the way you lean into a cutback.  We call this one "Huckin' Buckets".

Further down the beach, there were a few good Rights coming in.  Here's an interesting perspective looking down the line on a fun one.

The last shot of the day is a poster shot for sure! It doesn’t get much better than pulling into such a clean and perfect barrel. We have many more great shots from today - too many to post here. If you want to see 'em, click on one of the pictures and check out our NSR Surf Shots Photo Gallery. If you surfed today, chances are you got "Shot in Nicaragua"

We got the Astillero surf contest early tomorrow morning so we are gonna dip out. The swell looks fun so we should have a great contest just like the last one. Peace!