Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 29, 2022

Welcome back for the Friday surf report, we got waves but the size has gone down a bit and after a solid run of large waves it's finally taking a breather.. We do have some more swell on the way and it looks like we could have another XL run mid week next week. For now we have fun sized waves, check it out..

Mystery Barrel Surfer

We had some swirling winds but it was light for the most part and still offshore

Caio getting barreled in big waves small waves and everything between

Erin going to the air when the barrels aren't coming through.

Caio going to the air too as him and Erin were having a competitive heat out there from my view haha

We may see a little bump in size this afternoon as the tide fills in a bit

Erin putting in the work to be at the top of her game! Inspiring everybody Erin! You are awesome!

Even when the waves aren't head high or overhead pumping it is still super fun to get out there and get some

If you're in the right spot you might just get lucky with one of these set waves and score a sick one! Cheers ya'll thank you for coming through and checking us out. I'll have some more highlights for you tomorrow. Until then take it easy and enjoy the end of the work week and the start of the weekend. Cheers