Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 28, 2022

Welcome back ya'll! More epic surf out front and the waves of consequence that we've seen the last few days are taking a rest and now we are left with the super fun no consequence sized waves. Yeeew check it out..

A good mix of both lefts and rights coming in today as we have some mixed swells in the water.

Elise cruising the LB with style and grace like she always does

This morning I was down at the beach shooting around 10am which was the mid tide with the tide pushing. Some real fun waves out there at that time

Some barrels to be had and some nice fun peelers that were giving the surfers out there opportunities to play around a bit

We still getting some larger set waves that push through from time to time

Erin Brooks knows what i'm talking about, here she is scoring one of those larger set waves.

Was talking to someone on the beach today and they were commenting about how consistent the waves have been since they got here.. I agree.. that's why we live here lol

Bertie scoring some tube time this morning while his son is out surfing on the next peak down

Sometimes they run fast and you got pump to keep up, other times you can drop in and just chill and enjoy the shade

Kai always absolutely shreddin' and throwing it down with ease

When the surf is like this and the water is warm and the sun is shining and everybody is smiles you know you exist in a special place

Okay Ructiel I'll meet you out there!! I hope you all have a chance to come check it out for yourselves as this place is truly unreal. Thanks for coming by and checking us out today! We will be back with more highlights and the lowdown on the happenings here in Iguana. Cheers!