Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 29, 2021

Good morning and welcome back for your daily dose of Nica surf and good vibes. The weather is sweet the swell is starting to show and the winds are offshore, we have a super high and low tides due to the full moon that just passed which is kinda shortening the windows of waves but there are still some gems to be had.

The tide this morning dropped so fast that it seemed like it was at the low when it was around the mid tide.

Makes for some fast waves but when you surf like this fast waves just make for sick lip smacks. Yeeww!

Big Scott knows this wave so well he knows when to pump and when to stall and when you can just cruise it smooth on a glassy wall.

Sam dropping in for a turquoise face on the emerald coast. Yeeee

Grant is another one of the hombres here that has some sick surf skills and knows this wave real well. Looking for some head dips this morning.

Jackson is cruising out you know there is gonna be some fireworks soon.

Ohhh daaaang! Kevin going out too okay here we go the heat is on! Rick @donde_x about to swim out and grab some of the water shots.

Kevin with some small wave power maneuvers grabbing some of those scores to put on the board early.

Another strong turn on a small wave showing just how much speed and power Kevin can generate, FS and BS don't matter which way he's gonna make it look good.

Jackson waiting on the outside for the bigger waves to come through and they aren't much bigger but he's upping the ante with the above the lip surfing!

OHhhhhhMG okay now we are heating up! Jackson launching into the ECI airspace with this one.. as the heads turn up and down the beach.

Kevin never one to back down sees those airs and launches some of his own! These guys are awesome surfers and good friends and def push each other to get better everyday. Yeah dudeys!!!

Only time will tell but it looks like this swell may be showing up a little later then originally forecast but there is def some energy in the water.

We get pretty spoiled down here and before we know it we are looking at awesome waves and comparing them to perfect waves forgetting that they are pretty awesome waves.

Going for that backside pig dog barrel stance! Yeah buddy! Is that Andy from Jackson Hole? Yeah bro get it!

How about that carving 360 that Kelly does so well, this guy busted it out pretty legit too.

Hey yo let me see those fins when you do that thing. Yeah that's what I'm talking about look at that rail game.

Okay ya'll I gotta run lol thank you for coming by and perusing our daily dose of zen in the form of dank Nica surf pics. I'll see you back here some place tomorrow for another dose of that psychedelic mind surfing content. Adios amigos