Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hello primos. We were wondering of see good waves during all day and here are. All day was small, but the las few hours the waves start to work good. Check it out.

Like always the best wave is rolling empty. Yesterday in the sunset session the waves were awesome and we hope the history repeat again.

Not to many people in the line up. The locals were taking care of the air espace. Here is Oscar, he was on fire today.

he was landing perfect all those airs. Going in back side and front side this young surfing is one of the best.

Some of the visitors were having his fun waves of the surf trip in nicaragua. Check this late drop.

He made the wave with a little tube in the end. We don't know his name, but he probably will super stoked of see this photo.

Yeah!!!! man. Everyday there is a surfer with lucky, taken the right wave in the right spot.

The morning have small waves and not was really consistent. But check one of the waves.

That was a cut in the Kevin face. Look like he put water in Kevin ears.

Kevin surf all day long. This is why he is soo good surfer. Check how he made this wave.

After a late drop, he put into the tube is a second. This wave in the north of the beach wasn't the biggest one, but was open and working perfect.

He was out and made a sick cut in that little skate park ramp. The color of the water keep nice and the temperature of the water is warm again.

Here is Norlan ( El Buchon ). He was trying to be in the tube, but he have a distraction. Well, I understand.

Ok. Mis amigos. Its time to go surf again, so we see you in the water. Armando Lopez is out. ....... Jason ,,,Waterfalllllll.